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86 Bag Capacity Truck Mounted Feeder


Our client trusted us to custom build the ultimate trail feeding rig for his truck, easily and quickly secured with container locks so the truck can be utilised for everything else on farm when not in use.


It features the largest bin capacity ever made and all the technology that Eagle Eye Engineering Trail Feeders have to offer.


Standard Sizing 

Introducing Australia's only
Wireless Target Control System

25 Bag

  • 2.5 Tonne Capacity

  • 2400x1500x1.6mm Bin

  • 100x50x4 RHS Chassis

  •  New 6 Stud 14" Land Cruiser Wheels

  • Tandem 45mm Axles

34 Bag 

  • 3 Tonne Capacity

  • 3000x1500x1.6mm Bin

  • 100x50x5 RHS Chassis

  • New 6 Stud 15" Land Cruiser Wheels

  • 3500kg Rocker Roller Springs

  • 1.5 Tonne Axles & Hubs

42 Bag 

  • 3.5 Tonne Capacity

  • 2400x1800x2mm Bin

  • 150x50x4 RHS Heavy Duty Chassis

  • New 6 Stud 16" Land Cruiser Wheels

  • 4000kg Rocker Roller Springs

  • 2 Tonne Axles & Hubs

52 Bag - 

  • 4 Tonne Capacity

  • 3000x1800x2mm Bin

  • 150x50x5 RHS Heavy Duty Chassis

  • New 6 Stud 16" Land Cruiser Wheels

  • 4500kg Rocker Roller Springs

  • 2 Tonne Axles & Hubs

The Wireless Target Control System is strictly unique to the range of Eagle Eye Engineering Trail Feeders. 


The precision accuracy allows you to enter a target weight and the trail feeder will automatically shut off when the target is reached.  Wirelessly controlled from the tow vehicle through your smart device of choice. 

The system also has the capacity of recording your trail feeding information to be reviewed at any stage.  

Pricing Guide & Optional Upgrades

Download the pricing guide (right) to see our range of features that will suit your needs. 

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